Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Remuda

Ima Colonel Cool

I want to introduce everyone to the leader of my remuda...Colonel. All of my horses will be traveling with me this summer and so I thought it would be nice for me to tell their stories and how they have become mine.
Colonel is a 2001 Bay American Quarter Horse (AQHA) Stallion who has helped develop my horsemanship over the past 5 years. He is a finished head/heel horse for team roping and my trusty trail steed. From pack trips to parades he has earned his keep and our mutual respect for each other allows our relationship to be anything but ordinary. More on his story later.


This colt was born in May of 2008 to a mare I had picked up from a horse trader who thought she was too "pretty" to go to slaughter. Well, she was pretty allright but also unfit to ride hence her predestination. Either way, I ended up with her ..... AND 7 months later came Cache. Yes, he was a surprise but how fortunate I am to have him. His name means "hidden" in French. I got the idea from our beloved river the Cache la Poudre. Cache turns 2 this year and this picture is from his 5th ride up at Red Mountain Open Space. He is a traditional dun with frosting in his mane and tail. He is quick, catty and light and I have high hopes for him as a cowhorse. Right now we have yet to be bitted up (which is going to happen soon) but his extensive ground work had allowed me to ride him out in the open with very few sessions under saddle. More about Cache, his mother and their story later.

Cross R Zans Trick
aka: Jessie James

JJ is the newest addition to my collection of colts. This 2 year old came from Wyoming this winter and is totally different from any horse I have ever owned. He is an appendix quarter horse (his mother is a Thoroughbred) and is going to be a large gelding. This picture to the right is him as a yearling! He is large and in charge and his definition of "good manners" was quite different from mine. Needless to say, he is coming along (at HIS own pace) and reminds me everyday how different horses are from each other. He is sweet and tries to be ever so charming. I have had to take a step back and rethink my expectation level at his age as he reminds me that he has a lot of growing left to do and it's best to take things slow, ask politely, and make things black and white. Starting him has challenged me to be creative in the way I ask. More to come......

Monday, April 26, 2010

Setting up THE BLOG!

Holy Cow! For a girl who doesn't even have a facebook page.....this is a pretty big deal. I can't believe I am actually doing it. Well, here it is I guess, my first blog entry. I am 17 days and 23 minutes away from embarking on my most exciting summer yet. During the bain of my existence, I have seen many great places and have met numerous fantastic/amazing people to whom I am all very grateful for. The experiences that lie ahead of me seem so romantic for a girl whose life is driven by love and passion for God's natural wonders. Although I cannot reveal the exact purpose of my summer plans just yet. I thought I would test the waters of blog land to see how it feels ...I mean, to experience the realization of the world reading your words. Well, I think I have accomplished that. More on my secret details.... stay tuned:)