Sunday, July 25, 2010

From Co to Cali

After a full day of fencing at the Double J Ranch, Heather and I headed home to Colorado where within 24 hours, I was on a plane to California for an externship with a small animal orthopedic surgeon. Talk about keeping the candle lit from both ends.... The boys were happy to see the belly deep grass in the pasture and were quite content to stay there for a week as I left them under the care of my roommates. In California James and I did some sight seeing before heading to the coast which was nice to get out of the San Joaquin Valley heat. His family owns a dairy here and when it's over 100 degrees, it's really hard on everyone. I write this post two weeks after I've left ND and realize how much I miss it. I keep looking through my pictures finding myself wanting to go back. How lucky I was to have such an amazing experience there. I am sitting in the San Diego Airport ready to head home. After a day of driving down the coast and watching the races at Del Mar, I am ready to be back home. It won't be long before our long awaited pack trip in the Wind River Range begins. I still have to unpack my horse trailer from ND:) The Double J Ranch

The General Sherman Tree, largest tree in the world!! It's bark is 3 feet thick.

The castle rock behind me while atop Moro Rock.

Jade and James at Port San Luis.

Lots of Sea Lions!

The best fish tacos in the world!!! I was very spoiled with fresh fish for a few favorite!

Morro Bay in the morning. Most of the mornings in California were like this until noon when the sun finally burned off the fog. The temperatures were cool, 55-60 degrees in the mornings and only warming up to the mid seventies. Pretty nice for the middle of July.

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